Crystal Blender™

Crystal Blender™

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Our Crystal Blender™ is a silicone makeup applicator that will give you a streak free, flawless finish using any cream cosmetic without wasting product.

– Crystal Blender™ wastes 99% less product when you use it because of it’s unique silicone finish that will not absorb makeup
– Crystal Blender™ requires less makeup for full coverage results so your cosmetics last longer saving you product and money.
– Crystal Blender™ Does not accumulate bacteria or fungus build up. Because it’s 100% non-absorbent.


Use applicator dry for best results.
Use half than your typical amount of product.

Do Not Consume.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Colors may appear different due to monitor calibration.

Clean your Crystal Blender™ before and after each use Crystal Blender™ only takes seconds to clean and sanitize. Rinse with soap & warm water.

The inner material is made from silicone and the outer shell is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)—a flexible plastic that’s resistant to oil and grease.

All our Crystal Blender™'s  went though a sterile cleaning and testing process. It’s 100% safe to use.